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Lost at Sea

Volumes I and II features compositions by the musicians of Pamplemousse from 2017-2019 that have enjoyed notable performances across the Americas and Europe; many of these works include integral visual components. With videos incorporated in several of the tracks in this volume, these first two volumes builds the opportunity to transport oneself to a riveting and perplexing performance characteristic of Pamplemousse’s multi-modal virtuosity.

Volume III is INVISIBLE and exists only in spirit

Volume IV presents an hour-long vocalized meditative masterwork, born out of various impressions of meditation music and experiments with slow-media and endurance.


releases September 21, 2019

All compositions and performances by:
David Broome, Natacha Diels, Andrew Greenwald, Bryan Jacobs, Jessie Marino, and Weston Olencki

Earlier Event: September 13
Your Drunken Uncle
Later Event: September 21
Ensemble Pamplemousse