Misinterpretations and Exxaggerrattions - Album

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album cover square.jpg

Misinterpretations and Exxaggerrattions - Album


This is a digital download of David Alan Broome's 2014 album, Misinterpretations and Exxaggerrattions. It is a collection of 12 songs that touch upon a wide variety of styles from blues to rap to EDM. It was performed, written and recorded by David Alan Broome and released under Brave Doom Music.

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Misinterpretations and Exxaggerrattions is the first solo album by pianist and songwriter, David Alan Broome. It contains a wide range of music styles while maintaining thematic and lyrical consistency. Because of the thematic and lyrical material, the social constructs to which we associate via musical genre are therefore circumvented and denied their ad hoc relevance.

The music (ranging from): Swarthy, bluesy, EDM, rap, classical, oompah, vaudeville, etc.

The lyrics (always): A surrealistically silly sad-clown.

The theme (overall): how we as humans misunderstand the world through either our sense of entitlement or our desire to appease those who we desire.

There is an intensity to the musical material that is constantly being subverted by a wry sense of humor in the lyrics. This mixture of light and dark could be compared to the humor in a Don Hertzfeldt cartoon or the harem dream sequence in Fellini’s 8 1/2.

To laugh at the pathetic nature of our follies and realizing the truth from where they come gives us strength from our own sadness.