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Misinterpretations and Exxaggerrattions

by David Alan Broome

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©2015 Brave Doom Music - Released 1/1/15

Misinterpretations and Exxaggerrattions is the first solo album by pianist/composer David Alan Broome. It explores the concept that we humans constantly misunderstand and misinterpret each other, often on purpose so that the subject can carry on with its own narrative - placing each individuals’ desire above the interests of others. It is an album about selfishness and narcissism.

Musically, David navigates across a vast field of musical styles. Jumping from IDM to blues, or hip-hop to classical - the attention span of Misinterpretations and Exxaggerrattions is very fitting for our current push-button culture, where a person can learn how to yo-yo or yoga with the click of a button.

Misinterpretations and Exxaggerrattions was completed over a five year period. Every song was recorded in David’s home, which bounced around NYC year to year. This album began in the Bronx, moved to Brooklyn, and ended in Manhattan. 

All of the instruments on the album were performed by David Alan Broome, with the exception of the guitar (David Houston) on If I Could and the rapping (Gary Dux) on Bill and Susie.

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