Dave's Approach to Composition

I use composition to explore specific qualities of sound, convention and performance. I try to figure out what is interesting about a particular instrument and how it works. For example, my piece Ominousty was written by trying to figure out how Logic's EXS24 sampler works. In Light breaks, I notated all the fun sounds I was figuring out on my toy instruments. I find the less you know about things, the more you get to learn.

Some longer works take a few seconds to load the audio.

CST square pic.png

Score - CST is a piece for an organist. An organist who is willing to play a few little other instruments on the side. It involves placing weights on keys to create drones, bowing a lap harp, and blowing a harmonica. CST is a meditative piece that moves at a glacial pace. It is named after the new time zone where I live.

9 Otamatones

for 9 Otamatones

Score - This is a rhythmically intricate consort piece for a silly instrument.

28 recorders square.png

Score - 28 Recorders is a 20 minute drone piece with clouds of intricate textures floating overhead.

Score - Light breaks (for 5 Performers) was written to explore a recent fascination I've had with writing for "toy" instruments. Over the years I have acquired many cheap, tiny instruments with unique sounds. In Light breaks, I am exploring the sound qualities of these instruments. This piece can be performed by any group of trained musicians who have a curiosity for learning an easy new instrument. The title "Light breaks" is from the poem by Dylan Thomas.

ringtone cover art

Score - Hunk o' Chunk - performed by Ensemble Pamplemousse

I have a passion for improvisation. Hunk o' Chunk was created out of an improvisation I did with a click track and a midi keyboard. As an improvisor, it is often assumed that I play jazz as well. I do not. The inspiration to do this piece was to do the dorkiest, squarest version of jazz that I could think up. The imagery I have in my mind when playing music like this is a drooling, lumbering, ear wiggling Sloth, from the Goonies. And since "Sloth love Chunk" - this piece is a little Hunk o' Chunk.

Score - Drink (contact dave_at_broome.net for samples)

Score - Ominousty (contact dave_at_broome.net for samples)

Drink front2.png
Hmm, Ha cover.png

Score - Effective Temperature - performed by Ensemble Pamplemousse

Score - Luminosity - performed by Amir Khosrowpour

Score - Hmm, Ha - performed by Ensemble Pamplemousse & Ensemble Adapter

Score - Name Pictures - performed by Ensemble Pamplemousse

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Love/Hate what you hear....? Tell me about it