David Alan Broome

Pianist & Composer


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An established pianist and interpreter of classical and new music, David Alan Broome is bringing his gritty and quirky style to the songwriting world. With the release of his debut album, Misinterpretations and Exxaggerrattions, David blends his dark and swarthy music with playful lyrics that intrigue the mind and tickle the soul.  A veteran of the concert stage, David has performed at venues ranging from Le Poisson Rouge to Carnegie Hall in NYC and has toured across America, Europe and Australia. His music has also been highlighted on Q2 radio and WQXR


Can’t Say No is a song about fitting in to a world that couldn’t care less

Moon Song is dedicated to the moon and the strength it provides in the loneliness of the night.

If I Could mocks our hypothetical good intentions.

All of These Things is a melancholy piece for solo piano inspired by Erik Satie


David Alan Broome @ Cornelia St. Cafe



Extended Bio

Originally from a small town in northeastern Maryland, David Broome began playing music with a tiny toy keyboard and an Amiga 500. His desire to be an organist led him to start piano lessons at age 9, where he became attracted to the mathematical and puzzle solving side of music. He found comfort in the non-verbal expressions of music. He was also drawn to the nonsensical poems of Lewis Carroll and computer generated poems of Racter. This love for the abstract continues today.

He continued studying piano at Towson University, where he worked with Reynaldo Reyes and became interested in art and philosophy through Dr. Gerald Phillips. In college, he developed a passion for performing new music composed by his contemporaries and eventually stepped into composing himself. David’s interest in postmodern art and philosophy led to his early works dealing with appropriation - blending genres and musical quotes in a similar style to John Zorn, Frank Zappa and Luciano Berio.

After graduating from college, David moved to New York City, where he continued studying classical piano at the Manhattan School of Music, working with Phillip Kawin and Anthony de Mare. After finishing his studies there, David has enjoyed living in NYC as a freelance musician as well as regularly performing and composing with Ensemble Pamplemousse and Corky Has a Band.

David’s move into the world of songwriting came from his need to make sense of his own life. Music as a means to express his feelings on love, politics and philosophy. The use of text in songwriting became a more direct means of expressing those thoughts. His songs owe much to the dark and bluesy qualities in the music of Fiona Apple and Tom Waits, as well as the lyrical styles of Randy Newman and the orchestration techniques of the Beach Boys. While he still composes music rooted in the classical tradition, David currently enjoys blending the abstract nature of sound with the styles and structures of songwriting.